The Limpopo province has a lot to offer over and above hunting. Should you be keen to go on a site seeing trip, there is plenty to see and activities to engage in for fun time whether you are flying solo or with a group. To pre-book any activities, please contact our office for us to arrange the trips for you before you arrive for the Safari. For some pampering, without even having to leave the comfort of the Lodge, we have packages available on request.


At Sorizty Day Spa you will experience the appealing combination of True African Nurturing Traditions and a setting of serene ambiences, offering you the best of both worlds as Nature & Cultural merge right in the middle of the African bush, leaving you de-stressed through our Decadent Revitalization Spa Packages. Come and enjoy a superb light lunch or something sweet after a pampering morning at our next-door neighbour coffee shop.

The Marakele National Park is characterized by contrasting majestic mountain landscapes, grass hills and deep valleys. Rare finds of yellowwood and cedar trees, five-meter-high cycads and tree ferns are some of the plant species found here and Marakele supports 765 plant species. Drive through the park and the beauty of Nature. Have a picnic on the spectacular view of the mountain pass. Currently the park contains both white and tawny coloured lions, Tigers, Cheetah, Wild Dogs and Hyena.

The Marakele Predator Centre, best known for its white lions, is located 9km outside Thabazimbi on the road to Marakele National Park. For any visitor to Thabazimbi, this is the place to see white and tawny lions close, as well as an array of other predators, indigenous and exotic. The 12 lions at the centre are kept in three big camps, fully enclosed with game fencing. For excitement, other than walking between the different enclosed areas, you can book a trip in the lion mobile, a fully caged-in Land Cruiser that will take you on a lion-raising trip through one of the lion camps. Come and learn more about Reptiles their environment and habits.

Adventures with Elephants provide unique hands-on elephant interactions and elephant – back safaris. They offer you the thrill of hands-on interactions with these magnificent animals and invite you into the elephant’s world where you can learn more about elephants in this unique manner, whilst witnessing the elephant’s intelligence, compassionate nature and sheer delight in interacting with their human companions.

Ukutula offer guests the fantastic opportunity to interact closely with animals such as Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs and Hyenas. A unique experience to observe and photograph lions in the bush. Lion cub interaction and bottle feeding of the cubs. We also offer Walking with Lions.

Klipbokkie is an exclusive destination with a diversified touch only 25km from Thabazimbi, bordering the Marakele National Park in the Kransberg Mountains. Activities for all including day visitors are Mountain biking: A challenging trail that was designed by M&C Trail Designs, this trail has the most breath-taking views and plenty of downhills and uphills for the cycling enthusiasts. Waterhole trail: We give visitors the opportunity to enjoy a picnic at the picnic areas, go for a relaxing walk and enjoy the refreshing ‘swim hole’ between the rocks of a natural spring. Mountain trail, more experienced trail runners/walkers can do our extreme trail to the top of the Kransberg mountain were every view and breath are a blessing. Birding, Beautiful birds and can be part of your expedition with the sighting of hundreds of species in this area. Birders can enjoy seeing one of the biggest vulture families with almost a thousand breading pairs.

The curio shop is filled with colourful African artefacts. The store offers a variety of traditional masks, ethnic beadwork, precious stones taken from African soil and silver delicately crafted African jewellery. This will be done FREE of charge. Either on your departure day on the way to the airport or combined with one of the other day trips.


Rooibosbult Safari Lodge provides a sought after bow and rifle hunting experience in an environment that offers deluxe accommodation and amenities. 

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