South Africa, and our concession, has a variety of animals to select from. What is important to note is that they are divided into two categories – plains game and dangerous game. When choosing a safari, it is vital that you know what kind of animals you are looking to hunt. Not all animals inhabit the same kind of environment so you will need to consider the geographical region of your hunt. The type of outfitter and credentials of the PH are also important to note.

Whether you are a novice or an expert, traditional shooter or modern bow hunter, our goal is to get you your dream trophy animals. At Rooibosbult Safaris we offer three (3) methods of bowhunting; walk and stalk, tree-stands at game trails, and blinds at waterholes. We cater to all bow hunters, whether you shoot traditional bows/ compound bows or prefer to hunt with a crossbow. There are no additional permits needed or age restriction on crossbows.


To give you that good old hunter’s thrill, walk and stalk is one of the most conventional and much liked methods of hunting, but not the most successful. On our field, we recommend it from March to May because the bush is green – minimizing noise and allowing for great stalking opportunities as there will be covered to get close enough for the perfect shot.

After this period, it gets particularly challenging for hunters to be successful on the field as we go into the winter season. The area becomes dry, providing little or no cover and more noise due to dead leaves on the ground. Under these conditions, the bow to target range needs to be 15 – 50 yards and hunters need to psych themselves up for this challenge.

Andre and Sonia are both professional guides and available 24 hours to answer all questions on bow and rifle equipment requirements. Feel free to send them an email or a call us Andre: +27 (83) 466 0669 |
Sonia: +27 (83) 796 0669


Second to the thrill of chasing game on foot is being up on a Marula or Leadwood tree in the heart of Africa with your bow aimed at your dream trophy. Tree-stands are an extremely popular method of hunting. Although it yields better results than walk and stalk, it is not quite as successful as blind hunting. We strategically placed our tree stands at game trails away from roads and deep in the bush.

To lure our game, we leave some minerals on these trails. With the height advantage, we aim to get a shot distance of less than 20 yards. We make use of tree-stands in the early mornings and late afternoons when the game move around to graze. Here, camo clothing is advisable and a safety belt for keeping you balanced while you focus on the shot.


By far the most successful method in taking quantity and quality of animals. The blinds are built in different directions to allow hunters to hunt during any wind direction. They are built with one-way windows on 3 sides of the blind. These windows are spaced so that you can view the whole area while sitting in your chair. When the door is shut, and windows closed these blinds are completely sealed to eliminate human odour and noise drifting to game.

They are built big enough for two, maybe three, people and are also dark on the inside to minimize the visibility of movements after opening the windows. The average shot distance to water will be 16 yards and only 12 yards to the minerals. Although some portable or pop-up blinds might be used, most of our blinds are permanent enclosed pit blinds.


Rooibosbult Safari Lodge provides a sought after bow and rifle hunting experience in an environment that offers deluxe accommodation and amenities. 

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Andre: +27 (83) 466 0669
Sonia: +27 (83) 796 0669